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Homeopathy. A Natural Cure for Anxiety

Posted on September 12, 2012 at 6:11 AM
As a Homeopath, I deal with a large number of clients (adults and children) suffering from anxiety. So, I’m writing this article to give you, the reader, information about homeopathic medicine, and also to give you information about which remedy may be useful for your anxiety. The correct homeopathic remedy can cure anxiety swiftly and painlessly.
Although homeopathic medicine works on all physical and emotional ailments, I decided to focus on anxiety in this article because anxiety seems to be at an all time high in our society.  Anxiety can stop you in your tracks and have a devastating impact on the quality of your life.  It is an intense emotional pain that we will do anything to avoid.  We are programmed to move away from pain towards pleasure as quickly as possible.  When we do this with anxiety, the anxiety gathers momentum because it is not challenged (what we resist persists).  In our bid to avoid future bouts of anxiety, we will develop a range of strategies to cope.  One strategy is avoidance.  The anxious person knows what triggers their anxiety so they avoid those situations.  This hugely restricts the freedom of the sufferer and leaves the anxiety lying dormant just waiting to strike again.  Often people with anxiety will not seek treatment because they fear that they will have to face their anxiety and suffer through it in order to be cured.  This is not the case with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy does not just control the symptoms of anxiety. It cures the anxiety at its root.  It cures naturally and safely without conscious effort on your part. I will list some useful remedies at the end of this article, but first let us look at anxiety.
There are various intensities of anxiety ranging from the mild natural anxiety felt when facing a new situation right up to the horror of a full-blown panic attack.  People suffering from emotional pain will tell you that they would far rather suffer a physical pain than the agony of anxiety or depression. Symptoms of anxiety can include rapid heartbeat and breathing, shaking, nausea, sweating, muffled hearing, feeling faint, great fear, desire to escape.  People who suffer panic attacks will tell you that the sensation of panic can be so dramatic they feel as if they are going to die. 
Anxiety is always a response to immediate or future anticipated events. The symptoms of anxiety are created by our natural ‘fight or flight’ response.  We see or anticipate danger, our body then reacts by ensuring we are physically ready to fight or flee.  This response is healthy when we are faced with a hungry lion in our back garden but that doesn’t happen very often in our society.  Most of our anxieties are about everyday occurrences that do not require physical strength to fight, or agility to run.  We may have anxiety in social gatherings, or when we are required to do a presentation. Neither of these activities requires us to fight or flee so we are just left with the uncomfortable feeling produced by our fight or flight response making us want to flee! 
So why do we feel this anxiety in certain situations?  And why is it that some people can cope well with these situations and others can’t?  The answer lies in our thoughts.  Our body reacts in this way to ‘perceived’ danger.  Perceived is the important word here, because we create our own perceptions usually from past experience.  So, lets take our example of being anxious about doing a presentation in front of a group of people.  This is a very common fear and I think it largely has its roots in our young school days.  It could be that someone with this fear was asked to read out loud in class at school.  They may have made a mistake and the whole class laughed at them.  Obviously nobody would want to experience this type of situation again so the unconscious mind decides that this type of activity is now a danger to you.  Any future events that you may face that have any elements relating to the school experience will be seen as a danger to you and will provoke a fight or flight response to keep you safe.  Once you understand what is happening (you are not really in danger of losing your life etc) you can consciously decide to challenge this response.  This is however quite a difficult thing to do which is why people suffering anxiety will do anything to avoid situations that trigger their anxiety.
This avoidance, which is totally understandable, can gather momentum at break neck speed, especially when panic attacks are involved, because the sufferer will then start becoming anxious about having to face their anxiety!   Fear of fear itself!
As stated earlier, our perception is the key to this.  Any feeling we experience, good or bad, is not created by our experience in that moment.  The meaning we place on that experience creates the feeling.  This is where our power lies.  One way of gradually chipping away at anxiety is to be aware of and challenge our thoughts. Every thought produces an emotional and physiological response.  You will therefore be able to gauge the quality of your thoughts by the way you are currently feeling.  If you decide to use homeopathic remedies to cure your anxiety, before starting treatment, rate your anxiety level from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest level).  This will help you see the great progress you are making during treatment if your cure is not swift and dramatic.  Everyone is different and will heal at their own pace.
I have listed below a few remedies that will help with anxiety and I have detailed a few of the symptoms that would indicate each remedy.  Each remedy should be 30c potency and should be taken initially 3 times a day.  An extra remedy should be taken during times of high anxiety.  After a few days pay attention to any changes you may be experiencing.  Once you start feeling better, stop taking the remedy as long as you feel better and as long as you feel you are improving.  Only start taking the remedy again if you feel you may have stopped healing before you feel completely cured or if your symptoms initially improved but you feel you may be getting worse again.
Arsenicum Album
You may have general anxiety.  You like things neat and tidy and may be an expert list maker.  You may feel anxiety in your stomach and may feel nauseous.  You may be restless.
Argentum nitrucum
This remedy is indicated for obsessive disorder, panic attacks and claustrophobia.  You may feel compelled to look for exits. You may be easily overwhelmed by panic, which makes you restless and agitated.  You may constantly create (often strange) disaster scenarios in your mind.
Calcium Carbonica
May be indicated in children with school phobia.  The child finds it hard to face new situations.  May have had slow developmental milestones.
A good remedy for people who are shy and not confident in social settings and may withdraw into their own world when faced with social exposure.
Take for fear of failure before an exam or interview.
Nux Vomica
Good for workaholics who worry about business and turn to alcohol to ease stress.  They often eat unhealthy fatty foods.  They may be bad tempered.
Rhus toxicodendron
This is useful for people who are superstitious and do things such as avoid cracks in the pavement.  They may compulsively check that things are turned off before leaving the house.
If you are suffering from anxiety, I hope you found this information useful.  Please don’t suffer in silence.  Seek help. Anxiety can be cured!
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